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A refreshing approach to getting your child to sleep through the night, fast! I offer gentle, customised sleep plans for babies and children, that can allow you to be in the room with your child, until they are confident and comfortable to go at it alone. Getting sleep back is possible, you just need to know how.

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Give your child all the skills needed to ensure they are sleeping through the night and are having great naps too. Whether they are new-born or 6 - 7 years old, there’s a package to suit your family.

Brand New

For your beautiful Newborns. Get it right from the start.

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Customised sleep plans suitable from 4 months onwards.

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I can join you in your home for the entire night! (subject to location)

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Things change sometimes, lets get you back on track.

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Mum of Isla 3yrs and Elsie 18 months

This is something we only ever dreamed would happen. Our 3-year-old now goes off to sleep within 5 minutes and our 18-month-old has gone from needing, milk, a dummy, rocking, singing to and music throughout the night to popping in her cot and she happily gets herself off to sleep and has slept through every night since starting the plan.  Anyone who is having troubles with their child sleeping needs a Shelly!

Dad of Isla 3yrs and Elsie 18 months

Having already tried everything, how is this going to be any different? Let me just say now, Shelly has taken what I believed to be a complex and long-term issue, and completely flipped it on its head. She had genuine empathy for our situation and real determination to simply help us. Shelly’s belief in her own approach but also in us as parents to carry it out, was infectious. We decided to go all in and follow Shelly’s lead wholly and completely. The results have been life changing… The positive impact Shelly has had on us as a family in such a short space of time is mind blowing, and we can’t thank her enough.

Mum of Jack 11 months

We were co sleeping and were still having between 4-10 wake ups a night. It’s a cliché, but I just thought our son was too strong willed and that nothing would work. Shelly was great in offering support and advice as to what we could do to make sure we kept making progress. The night wakes reduced from the first night and we had our first full night’s sleep within a week. We’re now 4 weeks in and my son sleeps 11 hours a night. This from a boy who hasn’t slept more than 4 hours in a row his entire life.

Mum of Annie 12 months

As soon as 3 nights in our little girl was beginning to settle herself very quickly to sleep. Within a week she was spending all night in her cot 7pm - 6/630am) and I was no longer having to go into her. She was also having 2 decent naps in her cot in the day. It has felt life changing!! Finally, my husband and I can sit down at 7pm and enjoy an evening and go to bed together at night knowing we will not be having any visitors! Thank you, Shelly, I can’t recommend you enough!

Mum of Rowan 4yrs and Evelyn 18 months

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us teach Evelyn and Rowan how to sleep. Evelyn was waking every 45minutes for comfort and both Rowan and Evelyn were taking up to 2 hours or more to get to sleep in the evening. Both children will now typically sleep 7-6, YIPEE!!!!!! It has changed our lives. I am so grateful that you have given me back some much-needed sleep, so I am now the fun Mum I always wanted to be. I am loving life now, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mum of Cora 9 months

Shelly has a friendly and supportive approach and really listens to your wishes and parenting style when composing a guide for you to follow. We were amazed how quickly our little girl started to cooperate with the plan. By the second night she was sleeping through the night, something she hadn’t done for months. We have our content little bubba back and bedtime is pleasant again!

Mum of Woody 4yrs

I can’t believe that we have a child who now sleeps a full 12hrs through the night. But it’s true! My husband says that Shelly is a miracle worker!!!! Shelly is friendly, but firm, understanding, real and encouraging. That, coupled with Shelly’s expertise has brought amazing results. Her help has changed our lives and we are so grateful :)

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